Painting: Portraits

"These drawings and paintings of faces are his most amazing achievements ...revealing his uncanny capacity to penetrate the psychological depths of personality and yet leave the subject's human integrity intact".

Fay Zwicky, Poet 1993

"Louis Kahan's portraits of Australian writers stand tall in the great tradition of intellectual homage: direct, well observed, economical, even brusque. Their confident sketchiness is a tribute to the informality and freedom of the sitter, while the robust forms express the thinking fortitude of a mind that works a theme from fugitive ideas to monumental works of literature."

Robert Nelson, art critic, The Age, 2002

"Portrait painting at its best, using analysis and imagination, is possibly the most difficult branch of art, because each of us has a mask. Trying to penetrate to the reality behind the mask is the interesting thing"

Louis Kahan

Alan Marshall, 1966

Arthur Boyd, 1972

Mary Gilmour, 1960

Rose Skinner, 1947

Robert Hughes, 1963

Robert Dickerson, 1963

Patrick White, 1962

Self Portrait, 1949

Self Portrait Through
a Cracked Glass, 1998