The Artist and his tools, 1947, woodcut

Selected Transcripts


Hazel de Berg,
tape 163, National Library of Australia,
Canberra 1965

John Woods,
ABC Radio 2BL

Dulcie Kanatopsky,
3EA Radio,
Melbourne, 4/5/1987

M. Dutertre,
SBS Radio,
Melbourne, 30/6/1997

Julie Copeland
Tribute to Louis Kahan,
Sunday Morning with Julie Copeland,
Radio National, July 2002

Steve Lickteig,
Feature on Louis Kahan Exhibition,
All Things Considered,
Washington, April 2005


The Great Music Makers by Louis Kahan,
ANZ Video Production Unit,
Melbourne, 1988

The 7.30 Report,
Kahan Closer,
ABC Television, 24/9/1990